How to Fix a Broken MacBook Screen

You’ll often see that the screen of your MacBook needs to be replaced. Broken screens are caused by a variety of reasons. The screen of your MacBook could be broken due to an unintentional accident. You need to fix it.

You can call any professional certified in MacBook screen repair or replacement Dubai or you can repair your MacBook yourself. You need to take care when repairing. It is advised that you do not attempt to repair your own device if you lack confidence or technical knowledge. Before you can fix it, it’s important to understand why it needs to be replaced.

Why Replace the Screen of the MacBook?

Accidents can occur anywhere, at any time. If you’re too careful, you might not need to replace your MacBook screen. These MacBook screens can generally withstand minor accidents and are durable. It is possible that the screen of your MacBook will be damaged due to heavy use or severe accidents.

Dropping your MacBook off the table, or falling a certain distance can cause a cracked screen. Minor repairs are often ignored, but they can get worse if left unattended. The screen may have scratches or marks due to heavy usage. This can make the screen look cloudy and dirty. It is therefore important to replace the screen on the MacBook. Consult MacBook repair Dubai.

How to Replace the cracked screen of the MacBook

Follow the instructions below to replace the screen on your MacBook. You might think it’s a bit difficult to fix the MacBook by yourself. If you are going to repair the MacBook yourself, you will need to follow the instructions. Steps are provided accordingly.

Organise your repair area

You should first organize all the materials and tools you will need. It is also recommended that you clean the area. Make sure there are no dirt or dust in that area while you repair it. You will need a new screen and a hairdryer. Also, you’ll need a screen cloth, a suction-cup, and your MacBook.

Heat the edge of the broken screen

Well, it is used to heat the edges of the broken MacBook. It is used to warm the edges of a broken MacBook. You can use it to heat up the adhesive on the edges of your screen to try and remove it. It will therefore loosen the adhesive that holds the screen. You must be careful.

Remove the old screen

After you finish heating the screen with the hairdryer, attach the suction cup. You will need to attach the suction cups after you finish heating the screen using the hairdryer. Press the suction to the broken glass. You will then need to remove the suction cups and see that the screen is now off the MacBook. You are also advised to be extremely careful as even a small mistake could cause further damage to your MacBook. If you encounter any difficulties, seek the help of experts in MacBook repair Dubai.

Surfaces to be cleaned

Prepare the screen for replacement. Use the cloth to remove the marks on the MacBook screen. You will also need to remove the marks on the sides of your new display glass. You will then need to make sure that the screen you are installing is free of fingerprints or blemishes.

Installing the new screen

Around the new glass, you will see an adhesive strip. You will need to remove the adhesive strip from the new screen. You will now need to heat up the strips using the hairdryer. Place the new screen carefully in the correct position. Make sure the screen is aligned correctly. Press the edge with the cleaning cloth so that it is perfectly attached to the adhesive.

Finishing Touch

You must remove the protective cover after placing the screen correctly. You will need to use the hairdryer again to heat up the edges of your new screen. Using the same cloth, gently press the edges. Installing your new screen is as simple as following the steps in exact order.


This was all you needed to know about replacing the MacBook screen, and how to do it yourself. You should take your MacBook to the MacBook screen replacement Dubai service provider if you find that it is still under warranty. You will be able to avoid making any mistakes. If you plan to replace the part yourself, make sure that you follow all instructions.

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