How long does it take to order T-shirts for a company with your own print?

By khan Aug 21, 2023

If you are considering buying Custom shirts in Dallas and wondering how long it will take to produce them, you are in the right place. In this article, we’ll walk you through all the ordering steps and tell you how long each one takes. We will also draw your attention to situations where this process takes longer.


Placing an order

The first step will of course be to place an order. At this stage, you decide what the t-shirts should look like, what color, cut and where the logo should be placed. At Dallas Shirt Printing, we prepare visualizations of the finished t-shirt in 24 hours. Thanks to this, you will see what the t-shirt looks like before it is produced. However, if you don’t quite like something or you think a different cut would look better, this will be a good time to report it and make any corrections.

How long this stage will take depends mainly on you. We know from experience that it takes our clients about a week, a maximum of two, to finalize the details and obtain approval in advance. To accept an order, we need a specific number of pieces, sizes and an approved design. With this information, we’ll be able to go into production.

Step 2


At Dallas Shirt Printing, we create clothing from scratch. This means that the production of a T-shirt begins with the production of the material from which it will be sewn. The material is produced in about four weeks. The waiting time can be significantly shortened by choosing the color of the material from our basic palette, because we usually have it in stock.

From the finished material, the elements from which the shirt will be sewn (front, back, sleeves, collar) are cut out. This stage should not take more than two days.

The next step is printing. Decorating unsewn elements gives us much more printing possibilities, due to the access to hidden places after sewing. The printing and embroidery itself should not take more than two days, except for very large volumes.

For each project containing decoration made with screen printing or embroidery, the time needed to make the matrix or prepare the embroidery program should be added. However, it shouldn’t take more than two days.


Printed elements go to the sewing room, where we combine them into ready-made T-shirts and sew in labels. This stage, similarly to the previous ones, will last a maximum of two days. Cleaning and quality control is the next step. It usually takes one day for our specialists.

The last stage of production is pinning the outer tags and packing the T-shirts in foil, and then boxes.  

To sum up,  the production of T-shirts itself takes from two to six weeks.  This time depends on many factors, including how big and complicated the order is, and whether it is gift season when there are long queues at every sewing and printing house.



All that remains for us to do is hand over the finished clothes to their new owners and wait for the photos of the satisfied recipients

At Dallas Shirt Printing, you choose the shipping method that suits you best. We can send T-shirts in bulk to one address, or directly to the people for whom they are intended. The obligation to organize couriers is then removed from your head and you can be sure that all gifts will arrive on time.

Shipping is usually a matter of one or two days.

We also offer Gifting as a Service (GaaS), during which we design and make gifts for your employees or clients. In addition, we also take care of packing them, eg in boxes personalized with your logo, and, if necessary, also storing and sending them to the recipients at the right time – eg on their birthday.  

How far in advance should I order T-shirts?

When ordering T-shirts in the color available on the website, we recommend contacting us at least six weeks before the deadline. This will give us the opportunity to thoroughly analyze the project and adapt it to your needs as much as possible. The time we give ourselves to complete the order is 30 working days.

It happens that our clients want to create something unique, such as If you are also interested in this option, please contact us early enough so that we have time, for example, to create clothing forms for a new cut (one week), or to produce a prototype if you decide on a non-standard solution (a week).

Several times we managed to shorten the production time to a few days, because the client was very keen on receiving the order quickly. However, this is not a rule and it is certainly not possible in the gift season. However, if you find yourself in such a situation, there is no need to write off the project. Contact us and we will try to do something about it

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