The best Commercial Properties In Noida’s Prime Sectors

The first step of investing in the real estate is to check out the locality and nearby area to see whether the area is well-developed or not. With the increasing demand for commercial and residential properties, the needs of the investors are also evolving as they are not ready to settle with old-school projects.

Everyone needs to invest in the places where they can get the best amenities and facilities which got the potential to give higher returns in less time. Thus, let’s check out the best commercial properties that you can find in Noida’s prime sector which proves to be profitable for you in the long run.

Does location matter in increasing the property’s value?

There are few factors that every investor needs to keep in mind while investing in real estate and location is one of them. Location is an important factor that need to be considered while putting money in any real estate as choosing the right property will help you get high returns in the future.

Fairfox Noida

Also, if you choose the commercial properties like Fairfox EON Sector 140 Noida and others established in prime locations, then it would be a great option for you regarding the future. 

It is always a beneficial decision to choose a property established in prime location with good connectivity and features because it gives higher chances to improve the property’s value in the future. People check out the property’s location for the following reasons:

  • They like to invest in the commercial properties in the city’s heart where footfall is high. 
  • Choosing a good location means safety and security as people don’t like to come to a place where they feel unsafe. 
  • Connectivity plays an important role while choosing the property’s location. Properties like Sikka Mall of Noida  offers great connectivity with different routes. 
  • If you choose the right property at the right location, then the chances of increasing the property’s value increase rapidly.

That’s why, people are investing in the commercial properties established in a prime location. Therefore, before investing in the commercial properties, make sure to check out the location and the project’s locality properly. 

What are the profitable sectors in Noida for real estate investment?

Noida is a good location for real estate investment especially for commercial spaces because of the rise of different MNCs and IT Firms planning to open their offices in the area. 

If you invest in the commercial properties like Fairfox EON Sector 140 Noida and others, then it will give you profitable returns in the future. Thus, let’s check out the best sectors in Noida for the commercial investment purpose that proves to be beneficial for you in long run. 

  • Sector 98

The location is one of the emerging locations in Noida where you can find many investment opportunities at the best price with best amenities and facilities. The place is well-connected to different areas through metro and highways.

It makes it easy for people to travel to different areas and also attract people from other places as well to the retail shop or other commercial spaces. 

  • Noida Extension 

Noida Extension is a good place to invest in the commercial properties because of the well-established connectivity with different sectors. Here, you can find the best commercial properties at affordable prices with the best amenities and facilities that ensure high ROI.

Also, the area is developing rapidly because of the infrastructure development which makes it a prime choice for the investors regarding the commercial investment. 

  • Sector 137

The place is located close to the Noida express highway which results in strong connectivity with other parts of Delhi NCR. People can easily travel to the location through the Aquatic metro line. Thus, investing in the area is a profitable option because of the well-established properties regarding healthcare, education, shopping malls and many more. 

  • Sector 129

Close to the Sector 98, sector 129 have different office areas and commercial place which makes it a perfect commercial investment spot. The area has well-established connectivity through metro as the nearest metro station is sector 51 and 52 and is close to FNG Expressway. 


The closest established commercial properties are Jaypee Hospital, Apollo Hospital and Fortis Hospital. Apart from the healthcare, you can find the DLF Mall of India, GIP and Noida Authority Park. Also, you can find properties like Sikka Mall of Noida Sector 98 Noida and others close to the location. 

What are the best commercial properties investment present in Noida and Greater Noida?

If you are planning to invest in commercial properties, then check out the well-established commercial projects that are available in Noida and Greater Noida region for the best returns. 

  • Sikka Mall Of Noida 
  • Fairfox EON 
  • Gaur Aero City and many more.

These are the few commercial properties that you can find in the prime locations that believe in providing the best returns on the investment. Also, investing in these properties are profitable as they are available at the best price with top-class amenities and facilities. 

You can also find profitable commercial properties in profitable sectors in Noida with infrastructure development and well-build connectivity with other areas. 

Where should you invest in commercial properties: Noida or Greater Noida?

Both locations prove to be profitable for commercial properties as in Noida, you can find many established commercial properties which helps in increasing the footfall. In Greater Noida, infrastructure development is on the rise especially at the Noida International Airport.


Thus, after the completion of the infrastructure development which takes a few more years, the commercial property prices like Gaur Aero City and other will increase. It would be a profitable decision for you in the long run.

Therefore, if you like to get good returns at the present time, then Noida is a good location. However, if you are looking to get high resale value and good rental income in the future, then Greater Noida proves to be a great location for the purpose. 


Commercial property is a good and profitable investment choice for the real estate investors in prime locations. Thus, check out the sectors in Noida that prove to be beneficial for you in long run. 

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