Core Tips to Achieve an 8+ IELTS Band Score 

By khan Aug 22, 2023

The IELTS exam is the foremost choice for those seeking well-recognized proof of their English proficiency. As you know that the IELTS exam enjoys a very long presence in the market and eventually, this gives this test an edge over others. But acing the exam is not as simple as making a porridge. 

Yes, the exam follows high standards and strict rules and regulations due to its recognition at the international level. The article will illustrate a few core steps that will make you achieve an 8+ IELTS band score. So, get ready to hit the target score with a few wonderful core tips. 

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Core tips to achieve an 8+ IELTS band score:

Try to access the core requirements 

Well, try to understand core requirements by solving the sample papers every day. Make sure that you are giving attention to comprehending the fundamental content and knowledge that the questions in the exam are asking.  Note that the IELTS exam’s format actually serves as its syllabus, and solving the sample papers provides you with sheer clarity on what exactly you have to prepare. Along with that, the sample papers will also help you in understanding the time distribution and other core requirements to ace the exams. 

Boost your speaking skills 

When you are responding to the examiner, you have to respond in a polite and confident tone but you can do this only if your mind is focused on positive thoughts. Try to boost your speaking skills by speaking in front of the mirror on an interesting topic as if you are conversating with another person. 

Also, try to give elaborative answers to the examiner so that it can become easy for him to understand your fluency in the English language. 

Organize before you write 

It is easy to understand the written response when it is completely organized and connected. Gain an expert in writing your response quickly but before that make sure to organize the thoughts, instances, and experiences that will become part of your response. So that the examiner can comprehend it clearly. 


Merely, watching the movies along with subtitles can also level u your band scores in the IELTS exam. Because this will upgrade your efficiency in reading and listening skills altogether. Also, there will be also some interviews of those who have excelled in the exam that will further help you in knowing the best suggestions to ace the exam. 

Improve your ability to listen 

Work on your ability to listen to spoken English well as this will help you in acing the IELTS listening section. One thing that you have to notice is that regular interaction with the pronunciation of a few common words is very essential if you are willing to ace the section. Otherwise, it will be very hard for you to understand the words being spoken to you. 

Read  a newspaper daily 

Try to read a newspaper daily to get familiar with the formal format of the English language. Reading a newspaper daily is the best activity to learn new vocab and gain a profound understanding of the complicated stance structures. Read a newspaper daily to polish your efficiency in reading skills and comprehend the paragraphs quickly and with the greatest level of accuracy.

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These are a few core tips that can level up your efficiency in performing well on the IELTS exam. Read them and one suggestion that you have to follow is to take a look at the mock interviews available on the YouTube platform. 

By khan

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