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By khan Aug 22, 2023

The PTE test is divided into three formats. The first on3 is speaking and writing, the second is reading, whereas the listening section is the last third and last section of the exam. Although the PTE test is easier than the IELTS exam. But students have to work hard and prepare well to ace the exam. It is observed that most of the students struggle with the reading section of the PTE exam. The main reason behind their struggle is that they are not aware of the format and question types of reading sections.

However, in this article, we will discuss the PTE format in brief along with some amazing tips to ace the reading section. This section lasts 29–30 minutes and consists of five question types. If you want to join the coaching center for PTE exam preparations. Then PTE Institute in Ludhiana is our best recommendation for you. This platform gets you familiar with the PTE format.  

Have a look at the questions types of PTE reading format along with tips to solve these questions types

  • Reading and Writing: Fill in the Blanks

In this question type the passage appears on the screen with a few spaces. You can fill in the spaces by dragging the text from the box below. So, you have to select the most suitable words from the drop-down list below. This passage has some missing words. Each gap has a drop-down menu next to it. Right-click on each gap and select the drop-down menu below. Choose the option that best fills your gap. If you want to change your choice, simply left-click on another option.

Tips for Reading and Writing: Fill in the Blanks

You should read the passage carefully and then choose the most appropriate word from the drop-down list. Moreover, to find the correct answer you can skim the passage for the overall idea and you will get the correct word that matches the main idea of the passage. In addition, before choosing the word from the drop-down list you carefully read the surrounding words of the blanks. It will help you to choose the accurate word. Moreover, while choosing a word you should also consider the grammar rules. 

  • Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer

In this question type, you must read the passage and respond to the multiple-choice question. There is more than one correct answer. You must select all the answer options that you believe are correct. To choose an option, use the left mouse button to click on it. If you want to deselect an option, simply left-click on it again. The selected options are highlighted in yellow.

Tips for Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer

You should carefully choose the answer because any incorrect answer will lose your score. Moreover, focus on the words that repeat because if the same noun phrase repeats again and again. The answer may relate to that phrase.

  • Re-order Paragraphs

For this type of item, you will need to re-arrange the text. To do this, select the text boxes and drag them across your screen. To move the text, you can: Select the text boxes by left-clicking on them. 

Tips for Re-order Paragraphs

You should read the entire text before re-ordering it to understand the main idea. This will help you to write the overall. Moreover, you should find the topic of the sentence first. 

  • Fill in the Blanks

In this question type, you have a passage with some text that is missing some words. In the blue box, you can see a list of words that can be used to fill in the text gaps. There are more words in the list than gaps, so you will not be able to use all the words in the list. 

Tips for Fill in the Blanks

To fill in the blanks you should concentrate on the word that you often hear and see together. Apart from this, you should use grammar knowledge to select the3 correct words.

  • Multiple Choice, Single Answer

For this type of item, you must first read the passage and then answer the multi-choice question. There are several possible answers to this question, but only one can be right. To select an answer, click on the option below using the left mouse button. 

Tips for  Multiple Choice, Single Answer

First, you should read the keyword in the prompt. With the help of this, you can get an idea about the answer. In addition, you should choose the answer that is most accurate and suitable according to you. For better preparation for the PTE exam, you should join the PTE Coaching in Jalandhar.


To ace the reading section of the PTE Exam you should rely on the above mention tips.


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