What Things Should You Consider Before Choosing IELTS Coaching in Jaipur?

IELTS Coaching in JaipurIELTS Coaching in Jaipur

What Things Should You Consider Before Choosing IELTS Coaching in Jaipur?


When you want to choose a better IELTS Coaching then you before choosing or selecting an option should consider and notice many things that are beneficial for better study and getting better band scores. And maybe you know also about IELTS because this exam is necessary for studying abroad and also for immigrating abroad and doing work abroad. And if you belong to Jaipur so this article is very important because when you go for selecting a better option in Jaipur then you get multiple options in Google and get through your friends’ circle.

Thus you are easily confused about choosing a better option than other people because you do not have enough knowledge to choose a better institute. And here all institutes give promise for better facilities or services but they can’t offer with better quality so for it we need to do deep research. Thus after deep research, we get a famous option that provides better faculties and service with high quality and which is Jagvimal Consultants. So Jagvimal Consultants is the top option for the Best IELTS Coaching in Jaipur and you should choose it. 

And now we will discuss about Jagvimal Consultants and about IELTS Exam. So now let’s start – 

Benefits or Services of Jagvimal Consultants 

When you choose it as the better IELTS Coaching in Jaipur then here you get amazing and noticeable services or benefits and these are given below. 

This institute provides highly experienced expert tutors and they will available 24/7 for all issues or problems. And if you face any issues and doubts related to your studies then the institute offers dought solving classes. 

While Jagvimal Consultants is the first choice of most students who want to study IELTS because it provides better study material with expert teaching staff and here you get separate classes and the institute has all smart classrooms. Thus people are choosing it as a better IELTS Coaching classes in Jaipur

And other services of Jagvimal Consultants – 

  • Weekly tests
  • Extra classes
  • Expert for discus 
  • Better education environment 
  • 100% results 
  • Affordable tuition fees 
  • Easily accessible by public transport

IELTS Exam Process

You know that IELTS is an exam and it is held for English language proficiency testing and in this exam, you get 1-10 band scores while almost universities and companies required 6 to 7 band scores. And for this exam, you get 2 hours and 45 minutes. 

Thus IELTS exam is divided into two patterns and also divided into 4 tests. So these patterns are General and academic patterns and in these patterns, you get two tests the same, and rest two tests are different. And also test is reading test, listing test, writing test, and speaking test. 

And these all tests are held in one day only the speaking test is held after 10 days and you get a fixed time for the particular test and these are given below in the table. 


Test Name Time Questions
Listing Test 30 Minutes  40 Questions
Reading Test 60 Minutes 40 Questions
Writing Test 60 Minutes 2 Tasks
Speaking Test 11-14 Minutes 2 Parts 


Tips to remember when taking the IELTS test

  • You need to make a study plan
  • And you need to know your strength or weakness
  • You should try more and more with best practice
  • You must visit the official website to know the rules or regulations of the exam
  • Also, you need to know the venue and exam center
  • All of you should study the IELTS test for the material
  • When taking the exam, you must have personal identification such as a passport, voter’s card or other identification. It is not necessary to bring photos to the exam.

So you should choose Jagvimal Consultants for better study with better quality. And with this institute, you could get more better services or facilities. And Jagvimal Consultants offers 100% results and for it, you can discuss and meet with previous batch students. 

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