FAQs about the PMI-ACP exam

While preparing for PMI ACP exam certification candidates have certain questions which should be solved before they appear for the exam. Here in this article, we’ll discuss some frequently asked questions that can clear your doubts related to the eligibility, and of questions asked in the exam.

1. How many questions are there in the PMI ACP Exam?

There are 150 multiple-choice questions in the PMI ACP exam.

2. Is it compulsory to be a PMI member before applying for the PMI ACP exam?

No, it is not necessary to become a PMI member before applying but yes you should register to become a member as it will help you in saving money.

3. Is agile certification worth it?

Yes, getting agile certification is completely worth it as it helps you create a positive reputation in the market, and above all you will get good pay as you will have an upper hand in having knowledge about agile technologies and processes.

4. What are the eligibility criteria for PMI ACP certification?

21 Hours of agile practice along with 2000 hours of project experience in teamwork and 1,500 hours of working with agile approaches is the set criteria to become a PMI Agile certified practitioner.

5. Can I take my exam again if I fail in one attempt?

Yes, you can retake your exam 3 times a year for which you have to pay a fee.

6. Is experience necessary to apply for PMI ACP certification?

Yes, 2000 hours of project experience along with 21 hours of agile practice is necessary to apply for the certification.

7. What is PDU?

They are professional development units that are necessary for continuing certification requirements.

8. Is it possible for me to cancel or reschedule my exam?

Yes, you can do so and for rescheduling you have to do a certain amount. If candidates fail to pass the PMI-ACP certification exam within their one-year eligibility term, they must wait one year from the date of the final attempt before reapplying for the PMI-ACP credential. Applicants may apply for a different PMI credential, such as the CAPM, at any time.

9. Are there multiple language options for the exam?

Yes, the exam is available in multiple languages.

10. Is it compulsory to get PMP certifies before getting a PMI ACP certification?

No there is no such order but people prefer getting a PMP certificate first as it has vast project management concepts. PMI ACP mostly covers agile methodologies.

11. Is there any passing score for PMI ACP certification?

No there is no such revelation about the passing score so it would be better that you focus on your studies to get a high score.

12. How do applicants apply to take the exam?

Applicants must fill out an application. Candidates are asked to submit their applications online at pmi.org. The application cannot be canceled once started, however, it can be saved unfinished. It will be open for another 90 days.

13. How do candidates schedule their time to take the exam?

Once the candidate is eligible to take the exam, the PMI examination scheduling instructions will direct the applicant to contact PearsonVUE to arrange a day and location for the exam. The PMI-ACP test is a computer-based exam that applicants can schedule at any time. 

14. How do I prepare for the PMI ACP exam?

You just need to enroll in a good boot camp where you get genuine guidance and stick to a study routine.

15. Why audits are necessary for the PMI ACP certification?

It is necessary to verify the credentials of the candidates before taking the test. This whole process takes a week to complete and after completion, you will be eligible to complete your application.

16. Is PMI ACP difficult to pass?

Though the exam is tricky if you have prepared for the exam and have done consistent hard work then you will not have face difficulty in passing the exam.

17. Can I renew my PMI ACP Certificate?

Yes, you can renew your PMI ACP Certificate by submitting the application for renewal and obtaining PDUs.

18. Does PMI ACP certification hold global recognition?

Yes, PMI ACP Certification holds global recognition which helps you gain better job opportunities and higher pay.

19. How long does it take to prepare for the PMI ACP exam?

It depends on the level of preparation you have for the exam. It might take a few months or a year depending on your earlier attempts or whether you are a beginner.

20. Is there any website that organizes the best PMI ACP boot camps?

Yes, EDUHUBSPOT organizes PMI ACP boot camps to help candidates in clearing their doubts and give them a clear roadmap about the exam.

21. In how many years I should renew the PMI ACP Certification?

You should renew your certification every 3 years while earning PDUs

22. For whom PMI ACP is useful?

PMI ACP is useful for project managers, team members, product owners, scrum masters, and all those who are associated with agile projects.

23. How to register for the PMI ACP exam?

You can register for the PMI ACP exam via the official website of Project Management Institute(PMI), after logging in you will have 10 days to complete your registration process.

24. What is the difference between PMI ACP and CSM?

PMI ACP includes broader concepts of agile beyond scrum but CSM majorly focuses on the scrum framework which makes PMI ACP more comprehensive.

25. Are the study groups helpful in PMI ACP preparation?

Yes, these study groups let you interact with people with the same aspiration and you can clear your conceptual doubts with them and share your knowledge to get more clarity.

26. How will PMI ACP certification enhance my resume?

Every employer wants a professional who is skilled in his job and can perform his or her effectively. With a mention of PMI ACP certification in your resume you will prove to the employer your dedication toward the job profile and they’d be happy to offer you a job.


So here are some of the frequently asked questions that candidates have, With EDUHUBSPOT your doubts will be cleared in one go. Just go for PMI ACP Bootcamp and see yourself what you are missing.

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