A Brief Jetboil Stove Guide: Which Is For You?

If you know nothing else about Jetboil stoves, know this: they are light, quick-cooking, easy to use, and most of them utilize propane-isobutane fuel canisters that offer good fuel efficiency even in the cold and at high altitudes.

For the most part, they all share these traits, but there are still many different options. This very brief guide will jump into a few of the more popular models and offer suggestions on which to choose, based on your needs.

Jetboil Flash
At 13.1 oz, the Flash is not the lightest Jetboil stove, but that’s not its claim: it offers the fastest boil time and can boil water in under 2 minutes.

It comes with a 1L insulated cooking pot and a wind guard that increases fuel efficiency, as well as a special logo that changes color when your water has boiled.

Get it if you crave speed and convenience.

Jetboil Stash
At hardly half the size of the Flash, at 7.1 oz the Stash is the ultimate Jetboil stove if your primary considerations are size and space.

It’s no slouch, though, and can boil a half-liter in 2 and a half minutes (the pot is not insulated and holds only .8 liters of water, though).

If packability is your primary concern, this is the Jetboil stove for you.

Jetboil Zip
The Jetboil Zip has a .8L cooking pot and can bring its vessel to a boil in 2 and a half minutes, making it heavier than the Stash and less powerful than the Flash.

There’s also no push-button ignition like there is on some other Jetboil stoves, but that’s not a catch. This is the most affordable Jetboil model.

There’s your ticket: if price is your primary driver, get a Zip.

Jetboil MicroMo
The MicroMo, at 12 oz and with a .8L cooking pot, has both a push-button ignition system and a built-in pressure regulator, making it better in colder temperatures and at high altitudes.

The MicroMo can also simmer, making it more effective for producing basic cooked meals. This makes it more versatile for cooking in camp.

Get the MicroMo if you want better performance in cold weather and the footprint of the Zip and Flash are appealing to you.

Jetboil MiniMo
At 14.4 oz, with a 1L cook pot, can boil water in 2 minutes and 15 seconds, making it the most robust Jetboil stove covered yet.

It offers basically the same features as the MicroMo (simmering capabilities, built-in pressure regulator and igniter, etc.) but it’s a little bit larger.

Go with the MiniMo if you like the MicroMo but need more capacity.

Jetboil SUMO
The SUMO is effectively a larger version of the MiniMo; it has the same features, the only real difference is the size. The SUMO is 16 oz, with a 1.8L cooking pot.

The other specs are the same, though, which means it takes the SUMO almost twice as long to boil water.

Go with the SUMO if you need more volume than the MiniMo offers (the SUMO is better for small groups) and you’re not in a hurry when you’re on the trail.

Jetboil MightyMo Cooking System
The MightyMo is the cooking system you need if you’re going to do actual cooking in camp. This Jetboil stove doesn’t even come with a vessel. It’s a standalone canister stove with a powerful 10,000 BTUs of output.

It’s compatible with Fluxring cooking pots and the Fluxring Frying Pan, but you can also use it with other skillets and cooking vessels.

Since it’s only 3.3 oz, it’s the lightest one here: but that weight is deceiving since it doesn’t come with a cooking vessel.

This is the Jetboil stove to get if you want enough power and flexibility to cook actual meals in camp. Just don’t forget the cookware.

Where Can You Learn More About These Jetboil Stoves?
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